We’ve been sharing loads of great ideas for family days out over the past few weeks such as Worthing Parks and Surrounding Areas, The 5 Best Theme Parks in England, Dinosaur Trails that Cannot be Missed and The Best Family Campsites in Sussex.  Next on our list of ‘must see and dos’ is Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare.

Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare is a rescue charity located in East Sussex; caring for a range of animals, many of which find new homes, but for others, like the centre’s selection of exotic birds, these will live at the centre for the rest of their lives.

We are thrilled that Raystede will be opening on 14th September 2020 to those wishing to visit, adopt an animal and for those who need to give up their pet. (More information on both of these situations is available on the centre’s website.)

There are over 100 different animal species living at Raystede, and the centre prides itself on successful rehoming of dogs, cats, small animals and hens.

In addition to this, the centre also provides sanctuary to a diverse range of other animals like terrapins, birds, sheep and a herd of horses.

Sadly, some of these animals have been victims of horrific circumstances and maltreatment and Raystede do their utmost to ensure these animals can live out their days content and safe within the centre.

Being a registered animal welfare charity means that Raystede is only able to do such brilliant work and re-home these incredible animals and creatures as a result of generous donations and community and volunteer support.

When the centre is fully open for visitors as normal, there’s never a shortage of things to do!

Whether it be visiting the animals, browsing the centre’s charity shop or enjoying tea and cake in the café, Raystede promises to be a great day out for the whole family.

Raystede also boasts its own Rainbow Bridge, sensory safari trail and children’s adventure playground. Visitors can even visit the equine herd in their field and spot a range of different animals along the way too.

For any pet owners amongst you, you can even stock up on all of your animal and pet supplies during your visit, including treats and pet supplies for your furry friends; with all profits from any sales in the pet shop and charity shop going towards helping to care for the animals at the centre and allowing Raystede to continue to provide the incredible home and care they do, to all of the animals in residence.

Being avid animal lovers, you can also bring your dog along for your visit as Raystede prides itself on being a completely dog-friendly venue.

Raystede is steeped in local history and spans over six decades, but one unfaltering attribute of the centre is their passion and commitment to animals remains as strong as it did when the charity was established in 1952.

Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare has since expanded across 43 acres and offer care for over 2000 animals and has rehomed over 1000.

Raystede is not only a brilliant animal welfare centre and day out for the whole family but also one of the most diverse rescue centres in the UK as a result of the sheer number of different animal species they care for.