Why you should work with us

We’ve spent the last decade building up and nurturing a community of more than 20k local Worthing Families with children.  We’ve helped them through their toughest parenting moments, we’ve provided an avenue for non-judgemental support, we know what gets them excited, what they are talking about online and how to reach them.


We filter down your audience in advance

So you have a product or service that is perfect for families with children? We’ve already built up an established community of your perfect clients so that you don’t have to.


All of our contacts are already hot leads

Our community is full to the brim of families who actively want to have access to information, products and services relating to children and their homes.


We've built up trust

We’re no ‘fly by night’ community, we’ve been around a long time and our members know and trust us. We are the ‘go to’ resource for families who value our recommendations – our members come to use to ask for information before they go to Google!

Reach over 20k local families

We love to engage with our online community and we use an omni-channel approach to sharing the right kind of information in the ways that our members want to receive it.

We speak their language

We’ve been engaging with our members for over a decade, and have built up a great relationship with our audience.  We know what type of language to use to get your message across in the most effective way.

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