About us

UNICEF estimated that 10% of children live with severely food-insecure people. Moreover, the need for emergency food supplies in the UK is increasing. Research suggests an 81% increase in people needing support from food banks at the end of March compared with the same time last year. Demand from children for food bank services increased by 121% in this time.

The Worthing Food Foundation is a relatively new charity that started as a response to this recent food crisis. We have been lucky to witness first-hand how our community spirit has gone from strength to strength during Covid. We started the Worthing Food Foundation to provide food support at the beginning of the first lockdown. We are a completely volunteer-run community group and we’ve been providing food and essential supplies to over 200 people a week across Worthing. When we started, we were just a small group of local Worthing people trying to help people in need on our community. Because we have no staff, everything we do depends on the kindness of local people.

People recognise that so many are living in real difficulty now. But the response of the people of Worthing shows how much kindness there is in our town. Whether its residents dropping us two tins of soup or businesses donating hundreds of pounds, we are in the privileged position to see just how amazing our town can be.

Prior to our inception in March 2020, 93% of our users had had previously cut the size of meals or skipped meals because there wasn’t enough money for food. Some of these are one-off packages and others constitute longer-term support. 70% of our users have children in the house and a number have babies who request infant formula and/or baby food. We run a non-referral system, preferring to provide dignified food support for people in immediate need and providing further support and signposting once food supply is stabilised. We currently provide nutritionally balanced food support in Worthing and have over 200 fantastic community volunteers.

What we do

We run a local food bank from East Worthing Baptist Church. We provide food support including fresh food, tinned food, toiletries and sanitary products, health recipe kits, baby food and more. If you need food support you can contact us on 01903 442149 or by completing and returning this form.

We also coordinate a school uniform exchange, the Worthing Uniform Centre, for local branded school clothing and winter coats. You’ll find us at 52 Ann Street Worthing, BN11 1NX or leave a text/message on 07835 954924.

And you can find us on Facebook @Worthing FoodFoundation

If you would like to donate there are many ways,  https://lesaldenfoundation.org.uk/donate/ or donate financially on our Just Giving page https://www.justgiving.com/lasaldenfdn