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Shoreham Fort is one of only two surviving small forts and gun batteries anything like its original form in West Sussex.
The other, Littlehampton Fort, completed in September 1854, is now largely covered by the sand dunes and unfortunately is less complete.
Shoreham Fort is steeped in history and countless energy and time was put into creating it and ensuring its function.
However, soon after the fort was completed it was proposed that the fort should be remodelled after criticism in parliament that Shoreham Fort alone would find it difficult to protect the harbour.

Friends of Shoreham Fort work tirelessly on-site to maintain, develop and protect the site and the fort’s heritage to enable visitors to still visit, enjoy and learn about the incredible history of the fort.

The main aims of Friends of Shoreham Fort is to essentially conserve, maintain and restore the fort to its former glory from 1857.

Shoreham Fort is the last fort of its kind and it is vital that the heritage of the site is preserved for years to come to enable the education of the fort’s local history and the site’s significance in protecting English shores from invasion all those years ago.

Eventually, the Friends of Shoreham Fort hope to work towards full restoration of the site, re-instating the Barrack Block, as well as the addition of a multi-purpose community facility.

In order to promote the historical importance of the site, Friends of Shoreham Fort will continue with guided tours, presentations and living history displays in order to enhance what the site has to offer and bring history to life for visitors.

Education and sharing the history of the fort is a priority for Friends of Shoreham Fort and until recently they have been unable to provide shelter for schools, groups and colleges who visit for educational purposes, however, they have recently had a WW2 Nissen Hut donated which they have not only been able to re-instate history onto the original Nissen Hut bases at the fort but they have also used this as an opportunity to rescue heritage from Chidham to prevent demolition, whilst now being able to offer visiting groups somewhere to shelter and digest their learning.

As a result of Covid-19, there are currently no tours running at the fort but volunteers are always on hand via their Facebook page to answer any questions you may have.

Whether you are into history or architecture, Shoreham Fort is steeped in history and the work Friends of Shoreham Fort have done to preserve and restore the site is second to none and needs to be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone within the locality.