We’ve recently written a piece on some family-friendly board games and activities, but we’ve been exploring a more traditional game that often gets overlooked, but is world-renowned for its problem-solving critical thinking and patience.

We are of course talking about, chess!

How many of you were taught to play chess as a child? Is this a tradition you’ve carried on with your own child?

Did you know that Worthing actually has its own Chess Club?

Worthing Chess Club is steeped in history and dates back to at least the 1800s and has grown and developed ever since, and is still in play today!

There is a range of membership options available for Worthing Chess Club and many members are encouraged to also join The Tarring Club which allows members an extra opportunity to meet friends and play more friendly games of chess within the social club.

Many of the current members of Worthing Chess Club have joined the Tarring Club too, enjoying social games of chess and training sessions throughout the summer, when Worthing Chess Club’s meetings cease.

Whether you are an enthusiastic novice, or a more advanced, country strength player, Worthing Chess Club is more than suitable for a range of skills and players, ranging from grades 50-190.

The club holds their meetings on Monday evenings at 7.20 pm located in the West Tarring Working Men’s Club on Pavilion Road; this is where friendly games are played, club competitions as well as league games too.

Locally, there is also the opportunity for children to join Worthing Knights Chess Club, which is aimed at those players who have learned basic chess moves and want to improve their game. The club offers a mixture of coaching and informal games under the watchful eye of coach David Graham.

Worthing Knights also offers the opportunity for parents to improve their own skills alongside their children; playing and studying the chess game alongside children not only benefits their skills, game and playing ability but also enables parents to remain competitive and engaged with the game which maintains and promotes children’s passion to the game.

Worthing Knights hold their meetings on Thursdays at 5.15pm until 6.45pm. The sessions are run term-time only and are located at Durrington Community Centre on Romany Road (inside Tesco’s car park.)

Recent research shows that around 12% of adults currently still play chess recreationally, why not take your child/children along to a meeting and learn or develop a new skill together?!