Feed a family for £50 a week Do you ever wonder how families can survive on spending just £50 a week on their weekly food shop when you spend an absolute fortune?

£50 tends to be the budget you have in mind and then you wander around the supermarket and add those little treats to your basket, or something stands out as a great new meal to try, and little by little the bill adds up, meaning you’re on your way to spending somewhere in the region of £100 a week instead of what you were hoping.

It’s so easy for the shopping bill to mount up and so we want to give you some helpful advice to keep your food bills down, whilst still eating nutritious, substantial food as a family.

We’ve split up our advice to sections so you can easily see what areas you might be able to work on, the three sections are shopping, meal planning and recipes. You may find that by just changing one small habit it helps in the long run to reduce your food bills and save some extra money for your family.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t come easily to you, it does take time for new habits to stick and you may find that you do want that treat now and again, that’s ok, we are all human!


First of all, some tips to try for your shopping:

  • Plan your weekly meals; use a chart you have pinned to the fridge or a chalkboard in the kitchen, write down what you’d like to have for all three meals each day. Something like this chart can help you to do that.
  • Once you know what you will be eating look through your cupboards and see what extra ingredients, you’ll need to buy this week.
  • Make your shopping list.
  • Before you go to the supermarket make sure you’re not hungry. Shopping when hungry prompts you to buy quick meals to eat as soon as you’re home or treat yourself to extras.
  • Whilst shopping stick to your shopping list, this tends to be the hard part! 

Willpower is a must when you’re shopping, it is so easy to divert from your shopping list, and it is ok now and again to do so, but this is where the extra items are added to your shopping basket and how the bill creeps up every week.

For busy families it can be difficult to shop around for the cheapest deals and the best produce. It is so much easier to do all of your shopping in one place. But if you do have the time and you want to make your food bills as cheap as possible then shopping around can be the best way to reduce your bills.

We’ve spent time looking at what our followers/readers suggest and here’s some of the major places that work well for many local families.

Malpass Markets in Shoreham supply large batches of meat produces as well as other things such as cheese and eggs. The prices are lower than supermarkets and in larger quantities but it’s very easy to freeze the produce. Lidl, Aldi, Asda and Tescos seem to be the most popular supermarkets in the area, these are where you can find the cheapest products and buying own brand food can make shopping more affordable without losing the taste. Aldi also have their Super Six Section which is great for cheaper fruit and vegetables.

Using local smaller stores for larger packets of herbs and spices is great and so much more cost effective than buying the smaller jars in supermarkets.

Meal Planning

So, how do you plan your meals and keep to your overall weekly shopping budget?

To start, think about what you already have in your fridge, freezer and food cupboard. For example, if you still have some chicken in the freezer plan a meal for the family around the chicken and buy some extra accompaniments to go with the chicken.

Write down what meals you are planning to have for your three main meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try to give your family some variety each day so you don’t get bored and want to switch it up mid-week.

As well as saving money meal planning can also save you time, if you know what you’re going to be cooking tomorrow you can ensure the meat is out of the freezer and everything is ready to cook. Meal planning can also reduce waste, if you cook up a large batch of lasagne and you have a couple of portions left over this can go in the freezer, either for another meal that week or for the following week.

Delicious recipes

Using a recipe helps you to know what ingredients you will need to buy in your weekly shop. There are so many fantastic recipes readily available online and most have many ingredients you can find in your own cupboard at home, we thought we’d share some of our favourites here with you today.

Allegra McEvedy Lasagna

Gino D’Acampo Spicy Lamb Burgers 

Here are some special ones posted by our amazing readers

Patatas Bravas with Summer Veg Tortilla 

Thai Peanut Chicken

Gluten Free Calzone 

Recipe books are great to use to find lovely new meals for your family to try. If you’re ever stuck for a new idea taking out that recipe book will give you some brilliant ideas not only for meals on a budget but also for something different for your taste buds.

These books all provide recipes which are low cost to ensure your budget goes further each week.

Cooking on a Bootstrap

Miguel Barclay’s One Pound Meals

Economy Gastronomy – Eat Well for Less

Thank you for reading our blog. If you have any great recipe ideas to share, we’d love to hear from you…