Nestled down a cobbled path in the heart of Worthing with direct bus and rail links only a stone’s throw away, is West Sussex’s first ever Bikram yoga studio, The Sweat Box.

Offering both Bikram Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates sessions 7 days a week; mornings, afternoons and evenings, The Sweat Box is the first studio of its kind, not only within Worthing, but across West Sussex.

Launching in May 2021, after the constant setbacks of the various national lockdowns, The Sweat Box welcomed an array of students through the door on opening day; with an incredible introductory offer meaning that students were chomping at the bit to be part of the atmosphere and community the studio offers.

The Sweat Box has continued to grow and gain momentum as months have gone on and restrictions have eased. From the moment you walk into the studio, there’s an instant sense of community, and many students travel from much further afield to practice at The Sweat Box, which is not only testament to the incredible atmosphere within the studios, but also the knowledge, warmth and expertise of the studio’s teachers.

The passion and knowledge that these teachers possess is infectious and their genuine interest in supporting students in achieving their full potential, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, coupled with their commitment to improving and supporting individual practice makes The Sweat Box the perfect place to start or improve your yoga practice and push your capabilities.

Bikram Yoga is just as much a mental practice as it is physical, as The Sweat Box owner Lesley says ‘We spend little of our lives truly in the moment, feeling what we feel and accepting how we feel, we’ve gotten pretty efficient at not processing our day to day. In Bikram, it’s just you, on your mat, facing yourself in the mirror in 40 degree heat learning to accept whatever unfolds and over time becoming more at ease with whatever comes up.  Bikram yoga is 80% mental and 20% physical on any given day, especially as beginners, so learning to make peace with the voice in your head and just be in the moment is a huge aspect of the class.’

Lesley’s experience proceeds her, a long time Bikram yoga teacher , having taught in a number of countries, the warmth, knowledge and passion she has poured into creating The Sweat Box is what makes the studio such a special place to be, and something Worthing so desperately needed, particularly after the pandemic. On creating The Sweat Box, Lesley says ‘I know first hand how much this yoga can change lives, it’s transformative, not just physically in appearance…although a great benefit; but emotionally and psychologically. Dealing with trauma, and in most cases PTSD, takes time, takes patience and a willingness to be brave enough to try something new.  Nearly every student who has walked through the doors since opening is now in the process of dealing with that trauma and each one is finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.’ 

The Sweat Box continues to go from strength to strength, with students signing up daily, and Lesley has welcomed so many new and inexperienced yogi’s to the practice who were complete beginners before they joined, but as a result of the flexible and accommodating timetable and enviable membership offers, are now practising regularly, and multiple times a week, many complimenting their Bikram Yoga practice with Inferno Pilates; both incredibly different practices, both beneficial for students physical mental health and wellbeing.

The future of The Sweat Box is looking incredibly bright, with enquiries and memberships flooding in on a daily basis and once the pandemic is fully under control and it is deemed safe to do so, retreats are planned in both Spain and Italy. 

The Sweat Box are currently offering an introductory offer for new students; £40 for 30 days with unlimited classes and unlimited visits, so now is the perfect time to start or re-ignite your Bikram journey.

You can find The Sweat Box here: