Warhammer seems to be a growing trend amongst adults and children alike, but what is there locally on offer for like-minded gamers to come together and share their interest?

For those of us none the wiser; Warhammer is a table top battle game which places the players in command of armies, elves and humans.

Players can spend hours painting and building their miniatures to extend the game and utilise and build strength in their army.

Worthing itself has a growing group of enthusiasts ranging from teens to adults but what is there locally? Do we have a Warhammer community amongst us?

It would seem we do!

As well as a designated shop that opened in town this year, we also have a growing online community for local enthusiasts which can be found here https://www.facebook.com/WarhammerWorthing/

It’s worth giving the Warhammer shop a follow-on socials too or even popping in as with restrictions easing it’s likely that face to face meetings and games are on their way back and this will provide a great opportunity for the community to not only and enjoy the hobby together, but also enable the community to grow further and games and interests to develop significantly.

If you know of any other Warhammer specific groups or meetings, please do let us know as we have had significant interest from the local community about accessing these groups and would love to signpost to more events/places if we can!