Recently, you’ve been asking us about the best cookbooks to begin to teach children to cook simple, but healthy dishes relatively independently.

Here we’ve created a list of the best, child-friendly cookbooks, as rated by The Independent earlier in the year.

First on our list is the ‘Superfoods for Superkids Cookbook’ aimed at children aged between 8-12 years old, this cookbook promises to make kids feel like superheroes as they tackle new recipes in the kitchen independently (there are pointers throughout each recipe for them to call in their assistant, you, when needed) whilst also packing each recipe full of superfoods and sharing the benefits of these in a child-friendly way. This book provides recipes in the forms of ‘Missions to Complete’ and the cleaning up as ‘Destroying Evidence.’ Will your children accept the challenge?! If you order on Kindle it’s free at the time of writing!

If your child is slightly younger, then the re-vamped ‘Usborne First Cookbook’ is the perfect place to start for those budding chefs! Aimed primarily at toddlers and early readers, the main focus of this cookbook is traditional and simple recipes, highlighting safety elements of cooking as they go along too. Parents also love the genius wipe clean pages in this book too!

For older children or siblings, Usborne also have their ‘Start To Cook’ sophisticated and illustrated cookbook. These recipes are set out in terms of difficulty so are suitable for a more diverse level of expertise, covering the basics of cooking with clear, simple and fuss free instructions.

Shane the Chef with his Youtube channel, Facebook page and TV series are sure to be enough to excite any budding chef about cooking, but he’s even got his own cookbook now too! A great first cookbook for children who may be a little resistant to cooking up a storm in the kitchen as it’s written like a storybook in order to engage them, and primarily focuses on simple recipes to enjoy alongside an adult.

Children’s food legend Annabel Karmel has been with parents since the early weaning days, and like her other books, this book did not disappoint. ‘Real Food Kids Will Love’ is packed full of simple yet delicious and healthy recipes to be cooked and eaten by the children, this book is simple and easy to follow, with an added sticker challenge chart for younger foodies also included. The recipes are simple, but delicious and also offers a range of meat-free and vegan options too.

Chefs Mary Contini and Pru Irvine are onto a winner with the ‘Easy Peasy; Real Cooking for Kids’ cookbook; aiming to arm children with cooking skills and techniques to last a lifetime, this book is a fab starting point for any budding chef. The instructions are laid out simply and easily readable for children, and include jokes and quips like a fun children’s comic so will appeal to early readers and beyond.

The ‘Kids Only Cookbook’ by Sue Quinn, is written for kids, by kids, which automatically makes it relevant and a necessary edition to any household with children wanting to be more involved in the kitchen! The recipes included are all simple but tasty recipes that children will enjoy not only preparing, but eating too as well as being written in cartoon style instructions to really appeal to your little chefs!

Not part of The Independant’s list but one of our personal favourites to add is Jamie’s Food Tube: The Family Cookbook written by Kerryann Dunlop and endorsed by the big man himself.  It’s jam packed with wonderful, colourful ideas to get your kids excited about cooking.

So, there’s lots out there to inspire and engage budding cooks and hopefully you can find a book to suit your child and family; do share any of their recipes with us, we’d love to know what you’ve all been cooking!


With special thanks to Chloe Webster – registered childminder and Under 5s specialist!