Where did you go? 

Paris, France.  

How long was your trip?

3 days/2 nights.

How old were your children at the time? 

My daughter was approx. 15 months old. 

How long was the flight/car journey? 

The flight was no more than an hour – although we encountered a 3 and a half hour delay at Gatwick on our outward trip. 

Where did you stay?

We stayed at Hotel Dominique which was a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower (less than 10 minutes walk and you could see if from your bedroom window!)

What was the biggest challenge you experienced when travelling to and from your destination?

Due to the delayed flight, our private transfer cancelled our pick up at CDG, but failed to tell us! Similarly, we were waiting for our transfer on the return leg of the journey and they were running late, upon investigation, the driver had headed to the airport without us! So both times we got a private taxi. 

What was the best part of your holiday?

Re-visiting the Eiffel Tower at night and our daughter in her elements watching the lights! And also, the aquarium in Paris is fantastic! We were caught in a huge hail storm on our first full day and so needed somewhere to take cover for a little while and the aquarium was absolutely fantastic; huge, engaging and offered a range of hands-on, immersive experiences.  

Why would you recommend it to other families?

I would, although I’d be mindful that many cafes and restaurants in Paris don’t provide (or even own it seems) high chairs for younger children! This was problematic at times and either limited our choices on where to eat/drink or we spent half of our meal, keeping our daughter at the table!

3 Top tips of travel resources to keep your little ones busy/comfortable

I’m not a huge fan of tablets/ipads for under twos personally, but when travelling and on holiday, it’s important to remember that rules and routines are meant to be more relaxed, and with delays and long transfers/wait times, the screen time was a godsend and as such she didn’t pick up on how stressed and fed up we were as the delay kept getting longer!

  • Ipad/Kids Amazon Fire Tablet
  • Trunki; we let her pack her own trunki with her favourite figures, soft toy and books and magazines.
  • A lightweight stroller – most airlines let you take these to the gate – essential when you need to get to the gate in a rush, or need to contain them for a period!