At this stage, in our third lockdown of the pandemic, it’s fair to say we are all struggling to juggle home-schooling, working from home and finding fun things to do at home at the weekend too!

We’ve collated some of the top ideas for activities to do/try at home with older children, using stuff you’ve invariably got at home anyway!


Got things going out of date? Random condiments you’ve never used? Then you’ve got the perfect ingredients for making potions!

Just provide your children with jugs, cups, spoons and an array of random condiments and liquids and let them get to work! Messy but totally fun and can keep them occupied for hours on end!

Extend it and add in a little spot of learning too by getting them to write down the ingredients of their potion (the most elaborate wins!) and what curse/cure their potion places on the person who consumes it!

Home Cinema

Saturday morning cinema trips an essential part of your pre-lockdown life?

Then why not bring the cinema to you!

Get the children to build a dark den/tent/covered space, design and create tickets, make their own snack/treat boxes to ‘sell’ to the rest of the family before choosing their favourite movie (probably the hardest part of the whole activity!) and snuggling down with all the blankets and cushions you can find to enjoy a movie!


No matter how old they are, children (and big kids alike!) love an experiment! And so many of the best experiments can be created with things you’ve already got in the house!

Have you ever seen a tea bag fly? No? Then follow the link below to one of the most exciting experiments! (Caution; requires matches!) –

Skittles…….taste the rainbow; why not create your own rainbow?! All you need is a plate, some skittles and some warm water! – Here’s how!

Have you heard of magic milk? Grab some washing up liquid and take a look! Find the method here –

For additional learning; get the children to make note predictions of what they think might happen and write/photograph/document their findings as they go!


Have some tools lying around? Grab some off cuts of wood or old tree stumps/logs and let the children explore the tools, their properties and their uses under your watchful eye!

Once children have the confidence to explore and use these tools safely, this can really begin to ignite their curiosity and creativity and so getting them to design a structure and using the tools to create it is a great way to get them fully engaged in a project.


Lockdown just feels like all we do is feed our children doesn’t it? Has anyone else’s food shop doubled the more time children spend at home?!

Then get them involved in the food prep! Whether it be helping you cook dinner; chopping, peeling and learning to cook simple, but flavoursome meals! This is also a great way to get fussy eaters to eat more variety; children will often try something new if they’ve helped to prepare it!

Or encourage them to look through recipe books or look up recipes online to make something yummy for their pudding!

A Good Old Nerf Gun War

If the weather allows for outdoor play and you can cope with finding all the bullets afterwards, what about a good old Nerf Gun War! If it’s bleak and safe to do so, why not set up indoors.  If you want to incorporate an Arts and Crafts session too,  you can spend hours making homemade targets to shoot.  There are some amazing low cost ideas on this blogpost.

With special thanks to Chloe Webster – registered childminder and Under 5s specialist!

Watch this space for our next blog on recipes suitable for children…. coming soon!