How do we learn best? 

We learn through observing, mimicking and then practicing.  Everyday tasks that come easy to us were once watched, observed, and then attempted.  Consider opening a can of beans, simple right? But at some stage you watched someone do it and then tried it for yourself.

Research tells us that the biggest influences on children’s outcomes are the quality of the relationship with their parents and carers, and what they do with their family, from birth – known as the home learning environment.

I remember my first-born baby’s eyes follow me everywhere and then when they started crawling the first thing, they did was head straight to the dresser to pull out the things they had been observing me handling all those weeks.  They knew exactly what they wanted to play with and now they could get it themselves…

Improving your child’s chances in life…

To improve a child’s life chances in every way, making the most of everyday learning opportunities is KEY, the golden key in fact.

Listening, talking, playing, singing, and especially sharing books and stories together.  One of the areas that has sadly decreased due to technology is reading with your child, reading to them, or getting them to read to you.  Some schools have even got reading online and monitor it this way with no need for conventional reading.  This is a mistake as so much more is learnt from reading a traditional book, having a parent mimic accents, tones and explain the meaning between the lines, which as you and I know is a hard skill to initially muster.   

Learning Together

So whether you take time out to cook, read, or simply play with your child remember these special moments can evoke conversations or questions from your child that will lead to a clearer understanding of the world and a deeper bond between you.   

Learning together really is crucial to a child’s development.

Research has shown that babies and children become confident communicators and learners through play.  Sharing moments together to explore and learn about the world is the way that children grow up to be good at debating, becoming more expressive, able to make friends more easily, broad minded but still have their independent thoughts and understanding of the world.  Mostly though is that they will be armed with skills to face whatever challenge life throws at them in future.

In Little Lancing Day Nursery & Forest School the community celebrates together, they eat freshly prepared ‘home-cooked’ meals together, they play together and they learn together. 

Every child is valued as a member of our family and encouraged to reach their potential through play and exploration, plenty of fresh air and a balance of child-initiated play and adult-led teachable moments.

Thank you to Lancing Day Nursery & Forest School for this insightful blog.