So, you have a business, it might be small, or it might be your main income but it’s yours. Awesome!

Perhaps you are a sole trader, own a shop, have a Network Marketing Business, or you are a tutor, personal trainer, artist…So many wonderful possibilities yet you are also running a household, spending as much time as possible with your children and probably older relatives.

You are very busy! 

Whatever our business in this modern world we need to be online and visible. Visibility online is essential, and never more so than during this New Year of 2021.

How can this be done effectively, elegantly and in a time efficient way?

Read on…

Decide your social media platform. And this very much depends on your avatar.

In essence your avatar is your ideal customer. It is a mistake to try and market to everyone. It will confuse you and your audience. Remember the saying ‘try to sell to everyone and you sell to no-one”!  Focus on one particular type of customer.

You MAY well get a variety of customers, but aim at ONE clear avatar. For example, if you are an electrician your target client will likely be home owners, NOT teens!
If you are a personal trainer your target customer may be busy mums, another personal trainer may be aiming at corporate clients, another at body builders.

It’s easy to see that where and how you reach out to these clients is totally different.

You know your target client. Now you know where they are on social media. You are ready to go…

My advice start is to just one or two platforms, maximum.

In this blog post we are going to look at Facebook.

But note: If your target market is singles under the age of 30, broadly speaking they are NOT on Facebook

If your target market is busy professionals – LinkedIn is the main place to be

For now let’s get back to Facebook

Personal Profile

You might decide not to make your profile public, but honestly that’s a mistake. You need people to know what you do, so they can find you, and be reminded.

YES – keep a lot of your posts NOT public, any post can be kept private, simply alter the setting for each post

You profile is where you elegantly pop in posts about your day, related perhaps to business BUT not where you advertise products, or ask people to buy, try your wonderful amazing products!

It’s social media. Remember anyone on social media is there to learn, engage and be entertained.

Set Up Basics

  • Have a Clear Banner
  • A Good Photo of just you on the profile picture
  • Complete the ‘About You’ section, for example:

    Dad of 3, Husband, Uncle, Ace Plumber and ardent Rugby Player”
    Essential Oils Practitioner, Mother of 2 Gorgeous Boys, Good Food Lover. Living life to the Full”

    You get the idea!

Now decide when you will post – once a day, 3 times a week, whatever suits YOU,  and keep to it. Consistency is key

Remember – no spam!

No Spam?…This means do not mention company names, product pictures special offers, prices – nothing at all like that! Unless you have your own business meaning YOU own it, then you are OK to sometimes pop in direct references, but not ‘buy Blankley Blank candles today – special offer !

Facebook Business pages
This is your base for two different purposes  

1.For paid advertising, so if you are not planning to run Facebook ads right now you can just grab the page name and wait till you need it


  1. You have an existing audience who will know where to find you, want to find you, or you’ve told them about the page. (You are a restaurant, shop, known personal trainer etc…)

    Be sure unless you direct traffic to your page it will have very little reach, do not reply on Facebook to effectively promote it. This is a ‘pay to play space’.

Facebook Groups 

Facebook loves communities and will promote them! Yeah!

Groups are absolutely worth setting up and it must be said, to give you all the information to get you going is a blog post on its own.

With a group you have an audience, who have joined and know what they will find in the group: information, advice, help, discussion, and yes the occasional targeted offer or promotion of your services. They will be your raving fans and where you can add so much value to grow your brand – which is YOU.

On a final note, social media is just a way to reach your customers, so they get to know you. You are adding the Grow, Like and Trust. This is essential for your business.

However…You also need to constantly collect email addresses, if and when a social media platform changes goes down you MUST have a way to contact people.

The only thing you own is your LIST and your website – if you have one.

You can join Susan’s FREE Facebook group here, which has lots of tools, tips, and techniques to help. You can ask questions, join in the conversation, the ‘lives’, the webinars. 

 Thank you Susan for this insightful blog with tips on Social Media showing us how to make our businesses more visible online.  Super useful!

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