One of the founding principles of TeachAllAboutIt was making education accessible for all. In doing so, the tuition centre has been designed with accessibility in mind and one of the first areas to be developed was an in depth accessibility page on the website to provide parents and students a clear insight into the centre before attending.

The TeachAllAboutIt Tuition centre, based in West Worthing is a hub for tuition where they promote learning in a comfortable homelike environment. Their centre is built around supporting local tutors by offering co-working space for tuition in addition to their own tutors. Through their network of tutors, TeachAllAboutIT are able to offer 1-2-1 and group tuition to students aged 8-18+ across multiple subjects, offering classes in;

    • English
    • Maths
    • Computer Science
    • GCSE Film Studies (which is very rare!)  So for any budding film makers out there, you know where to go! 
    • Art
    • Physics
    • Also offering classes for IT and Art
    • More coming..

Holly founded TeachAllAboutIt in 2018. As a computer science master teacher & tutor she has worked with large organisations including the British Computer Society and BBC Bitesize. Her revision guides for Computer Science were published in 2019 and are available to purchase in the centre alongside other educational books and resources. Over the past year, her in depth knowledge of online tuition was used to support teachers and students to adapt to online learning and the technology that enables students to access great learning online. 

Holly firmly believes that given the correct resources, all students can make excellent progress in computer science and enjoy it at the same time. Our resources aim to support students studying in traditional classrooms as well as those who are home educated or studying remotely.

After working for two years as a purely online tuition company, TeachAllAboutIt rapidly grew and our TeachAllAboutIt Tuition Centre was opened on Tarring Road (opposite West Worthing Station) in September 2020. Since opening, the centre has hosted some amazing events including the SplatnChat Art club, hire of the centre for meetings, and training for the Worthing Chamber of Commerce.

You can find out more about our classes here


Thanks to Holly for ensuring education is accessible for all and establishing such a great well rounded tuition company in the heart of our community. 

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