DMCA Architects is a RIBA Chartered architectural practice based in Worthing, specialising in bespoke residential refurbishments, extensions, and new build homes.

The practice was formed by Dan McArthur in London in 2016. In 2021 Dan moved to Worthing, returning to the Sussex coast where he grew up as a child. He’s pleased he has come back to the coast, as the sea and the South Downs offer endless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.

What can I expect from DMCA Architects?

DMCA Architects is a client focused practice, and they like to get to know their clients’ specific wishes from the start. No two properties or sites are the same, and even if two different clients’ ambitions are very similar, every project has the potential to result in a completely different outcome.

Dan’s  job is to unlock the full, and sometimes unexpected potential for their clients’ project, and their process is under-pinned by in-depth research, thoughtful and efficient design, and an attention to detail.

The practice has considerable experience working on contemporary extensions and properties with complex planning constraints. They have experience working on Listed Buildings, new and existing properties within conservation areas, and projects on green belt land.

Sustainable design choices should now be integral to all schemes. Since July 2022, Building Regulations require buildings to be much more efficient and these regulations will become increasingly strict until 2035, after which homes are expected to have Net Zero emissions.

DMCA Architects can introduce specialists where clients are looking for ultra-low energy design, meeting LETI, Passiv Haus, or EnerPHit standards.

How long should I allow for my project?

Planning a home refurbishment takes time to get right and they recommend their client’s allow 6-months for the design to be developed and any Local Authority approvals to be in place before they appoint a builder.

A good builder will also be booked-up well in advance, so a project may take 9-12 months from initial concept through to construction beginning. Building a new home from scratch is likely to take longer than this, depending on the nature of the proposed site.

If you are looking to unlock the potential of your existing home or looking to self-build or procure your own new home, DMCA Architects would love to hear from you.

How can I get in touch with DMCA Architects?

More information and advice can be found on their website, but if you’d like to discuss your prospective project with them, please contact Dan McArthur to arrange an initial conversation to run-through your options.


  • Free 20-minute telephone consultation to discuss your project. You will need to provide your full address, key ambitions, and any information you can in advance of the call to help inform our conversation.

Cost: Free of charge

  • 1-hour, in-person site meeting to discuss your project ambitions and look at the potential constraints on site, which might have an impact on the development. No drawings will be provided during this consultation, but potential design solutions and site limitations will be discussed along with options for follow-on design services. All design ideas discussed will be preliminary and you are advised to have further professional advice before you proceed with any works.

Cost: £140

Condition 1: Limited to projects within 30-mins travel time of Worthing. Meetings further afield may incur additional costs to cover trave time and expenses.

Condition 2: Fee payable in advance.

Condition 3: Fee will be deducted from your first consultancy invoice if you appoint DMCA Architects as the ongoing Architect for your project.