Nestled away on the outskirts of Balcombe is the stunning Ouse Valley Viaduct, and whether you are heading there just to marvel at the ‘most elegant viaduct in Britain’  or you want to explore the stunning countryside and surrounding areas, this is a structure that has to be seen to be believed and appreciated in all its grandeur.

Originally built in 1838, the viaduct still to this day carries the London-Brighton line over the River Ouse.

The viaduct itself is accessed by either a footpath adjacent to a handy lay-by, so get there early to claim a space (there’s only really enough space for 3-4 cars!).

Alternatively, you can start your adventure at the equally stunning Ardingly Reservoir and embark upon a glorious nature walk to reach the viaduct.

The walk itself is a short but popular walk and enables you to view the viaduct from various angles as you approach.

This particular walk starts at the southern end of the reservoir and there are various paths to follow heading south to meet with the River Ouse.

The viaduct itself is a Grade II listed structure and is a staggering 96 feet high and is carried on approximately 37 semi-circular arches which are each 30 foot high! In total, the viaduct spans a breath taking 1,480 feet.

Whether you factor the viaduct into your stroll from Ardingly, or are enticed by the stunning architecture on its own, you will not be disappointed. Ouse Valley Viaduct is one of the most photogenic structures in Sussex and is a sight to behold – you won’t want to forget your camera!

Dependant on the time of your visit, you (or your children!) may even be able to frolic in the corn fields on the approach to the viaduct; the entire structure is just surrounded in the most stunning natural beauty.

Ouse Valley Viaduct is a must visit for anyone in Sussex but those of you who are particularly captured by history, photography, engineering and nature – this is definitely the place for you.