How wonderful is it to have so many of our favourite places fully open again?

Another local treasure that’s re-opened it’s doors bigger and better than ever is the fantastic Arundel Wetland Centre, and the WWT centre has undergone a massive transformation during the various lockdowns to make even better habitats for the birds and wildlife that reside there, you just have to check it out!

Pre-booking remains essential, even for members, but there is so much to discover during your visit, you’ll want to plan it in advance anyway!

Arundel Wetlands boasts 65 acres of wetland paradise for the birds and wildlife to live harmoniously within.

The Boat Safaris are back on and so you and your family can enjoy a peaceful sail along the water learning about and spotting all the different species of birds from a totally different perspective and witness natural behaviour from wild habitats as you sail around peacefully taking in the stunning views and environment, listening to the crickets in the grasses.

Nestled within the nesting banks, you’ll find Sand Martins s and King Fishers, whilst the diving sea ducks, wadars and mergansers, feed, float and fly in their stunning home at Coastal Creek.

Walk through amongst the cheeky, friendly ducks, pigeons and geese, watching as they frolic in the water and follow you along the bridge as you immerse yourselves in their habitat.

Arundel Wetlands is not only a fantastic learning opportunity for children, but it also has a wonderful discovery area within the entrance, a brimming gift shop and a lovely wooden adventure trail to keep those little ones busy.

A stonesthrow from Swanbourne Lake, avid birdwatchers will be in their element here and will come out brimming with enthusiasm, facts and hands-on experiences of countless species of birds and other wildlife, so what are you waiting for? Get booking!