Hello, my name is Jeannette and I’m a Grandma on a mission! My beautiful grand-daughter Miya came along a bit earlier than I was expecting to make me a Grandma at 45!!

I was, internally, mortified of course but also knew how blessed I was. Her arrival got me thinking about the state of things. It’s the topic on everyone’s lips but no-one seems to know what to do to prevent the deterioration of our environment. It seems like an overwhelming task to ‘save the world!’ What animals would be around for her to see when she got older. Whether it be a hedgehog or a turtle, this made me realise that something had to be done. And not just for my Grand-daughter but for everyone’s Grand-children.

After discovering Wikaniko I realised quickly that we don’t have to take on this huge task all by ourselves. If each one of us were to do a few little things each day that barely even cause an inconvenience and in fact, often benefit us and save us money then we can do this together.

You don’t have to single handily save the world, just make a few ripples. I hope that by letting you know about the products available here, it will give you the power to choose. And by choosing to make little changes in your daily buying habits then you can have that incredible feeling of making a difference.

Here are 10 things that you could do, that would make a difference….

  1. Use a refillable BPA free water bottle and not buy plastic bottles of water (millions and millions of plastic bottles are throw away every day)
  2. Buy loose fruit and vegetables. There are plenty of alternatives to contain your purchases, which you can wash and reuse – cotton, mesh etc
  3. Get your children growing! Whether it is mustard and cress or lettuce. They need something which will have relatively quick results and it’s great to let them see that they can do it!
  4. If you have a garden, build a bug hotel, or if you have space, let it overgrow and scatter wildflower seeds in it? Try and include insect attracting plants in your garden.
  5. Try an eco-alternative washing method. There are companies like BioD which do not contain harsh chemicals like the main high street brands. There are also alternative products like soap nuts (literally nuts off a tree!) or the EcoBall which use mineral pellets to clean. I highly recommend this Ball which at £22 for up to 1000 washes saves money as well as chemicals, and is ideal for allergy sufferers too.
  6. Check the back of your washing up liquid bottle! Top leading brands (Fairy and Persil for a start) do state on the back “harmful to aquatic life”.  Please choose a different one.
  7. Refill your bottles of liquids such as floor cleaner, washing up liquid, toilet cleaner, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel etc. There are many places popping up which provide refill services. It works out cheaper and reusing the bottles!
  8. Download “Think Dirty” App. You can check how “good” the product is and if contain harmful ingredients etc.
  9. Try and avoid cling film and tin foil. Did you know that the amount of cling film which is used domestically in a year would wrap around the World 30 times! Use Tupperware boxes (I have had mine for 30 years and they are still going strong!) or similar! Beeswax wraps are great but not for wrapping raw meat or fish. I also sell vegan wraps too
  10. Support your local charity shops. If no more clothes were made today. There is enough clothing to clothe everyone for the next 8 years! The clothing industry is one of the most awful industries for waste. Kids grow so quickly, personally I saved money and accepted hand me downs or visited charity shops when my 2 were growing up. 

Special thanks to Jeanette for writing this blog.  If you would like to have a chat with her about anything eco,  changes that you are thinking about, what products are out there, or would like to know about joining her team, please contact her using the links below.

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Showing that “it doesn’t cost the earth to save the Earth”